Friday, 20 February 2009

Shame or pride?

Yesterday I had to face again some interviews I designed this time last year. I instantly got a hot, red face. How could I possibly do such a rubbish work??? It is always very uncomfortable to look back at the places where we've once been, thinking everything was fine and doing very horrendous nonsense.

My friends encouraged me. One described the thesis process again: "No one says that, but a thesis is based on reverse engineering. Only once you have your results you decide on the research question. " Another said "Of course, you only put the good things into your thesis and don't even mention what went wrong."

Yes, yes...Maybe I should instead of being ashamed be amazed and proud of the fast learning progress; that something became completely outdated in less than a years time!...But if the learning continues "that fast" I will find all my results to be rubbish at the point when I have to start writing them up!...

P.S. - The best solution: I can use data that was supposed to serve a certain purpose, which it definitely doesn't serve, to validate and show something else instead. Cool.

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