Friday, 20 June 2008

Where's hope left?

"When the gnomes come out of the woodwork at night and you direct the torch on them they explode. For they cannot stand the light."

Told by a nordic Hans met a few years ago. I think he was talking about pig factory farms and how they were polluting the streams and the sea and the interest keeping the facts hidden. His hope was if he put the torch on the infractors they would have to stop their destructive activities. I wish to think it was like that. Some crime is discovered and you "just" have to bring it to light. But I'm afraid that's naive... So much crime and shame standing there in front of everyone's eyes. We shout and are convinced it will collapse by itself. And 50 years are over and it is still there.

"denn ueber allem herscht GEWALT!"/ for above everything rules violence (Carl Orff, Die Kluge)

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