Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I saw this baby eating a chocolate cookie. Do its parents believe this is food? Do they think they are doing something good for their baby or are they cruelly experimenting and researching about caries development on their own offspring? Why do they give such stuff to a child? Questions over questions...
white wheat flour + refined sugar + fat (+ chocolate)
To take a chocolate cookie for food is an unbelievable mistake. Food is something that is supposed to nourish our bodies and our health, not something that ruins it. I understand that the fact that the body is able to derive energy out of the chocolate cookie must be the reason why this mistake persists.
It's just the age of mechanisation that is even reducing our food to an "energy input", disregarding all the other visible and invisible and indivisible, interrelated ingredients of natural foods. It is this simplistic, reductionistic view: we need carbohidrates + proteins + fat + oh yeah...some vitamins and minerals of course. Let's throw some pure portions of all of this randomly together and it will be fine.

By the way: I like the taste and crunchyness of chocolate cookies and that's why I eat them, but I list them under the category of "consumables" and would n e v e r offer them to a defensless child. Do you understand now why, always when I enter a supermarket, I pray at the door "may I find something edible in here!"

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