Thursday, 10 April 2008

Old fury

I called a farm I've found on the internet as having wine production and agrotourism. It seemed there was a "successful farmer" out there, exactly what I was looking for to do an interview. First a lady from eastern Europe picked up the phone. People from Romania, Moldovia and Ukraine are out there in thousands in Portugal doing the "lesser" jobs for a minimum wage... By the way, Russian is the second most spoken language here in Portugal nowadays.
The phone was passed to a superior of that lady. The woman who answered the phone was exactly the sort of authoritarian primary school teacher of times gone by. I told her that I was looking for farmers for my study and she immediately informed me that her farm was not the sort of farm I was interested in. I asked her why, what sort of farm is it? Then I told her: "that's interesting, that's what I'm looking for". But she knew better: "no, because we are different from what you think". (Could you please inform me what I'm thinking?!) I'm sure this farm belongs to the old aristocracy in Portugal, those people who wish the monarchy would be reestablished, because they mourn every day for the privileges they lost since... I know what I'm talking about: I've interviewed bankrupt Lords before.
Writing this up is my vengance. :*)

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