Tuesday, 15 April 2008

More weird stories

The neighbour's son is a policemen of the higher ranks. During working hours sometimes he drives with his chauffeur in the police Jeep to his fathers' house and both of them, the chauffeur and the police officer help the father digging and planting in his backyard garden.

The replies I receive when I ask why people are working in farming are usually "because I like it - for money? No! I don't earn a penny!" or they say they are attached to the land and have been doing farmwork since their childhood. But today I received a different answer, by mail: "I'm in farming because I'm a fool."

A farmer who sells in a nearby market replied to my interview and then I did some shopping at her stand. She has strawberries freshly harvested the day before the market and sells them for only 2£ a Kg (compare with Tesco's age old 500g for 4£). So I bought a lot of strawberries and was a moment vaccilating if I should buy a lettuce as well. Then I decided no, and bought something else instead. The lovely lady noticed all that, and after I paid she put a lettuce for free in my bag!

A shepherd told me she sends food from domestic production to her children in Luxembourg every fortnight! Apparently there are some people driving fortnightly between the countries and taking home made food to the emigrants. How much work that must be for the locals to nourish their loved ones abroad, and how this subsidizes those abroad, maybe allowing them to live on unthinkable wages!...

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