Sunday, 13 April 2008


I bought onion seedlings on the market in Lousã to plant them in my sisters' garden. After I had my bag with the onion seedlings I had the impression I became much more interesting for the locals. Several people stopped me to ask how much I had paid for it and an elderly lady treated me right away as a friend.
But suddenly there were about 5 peasant women around me, all talking at the same time about me and my onions. One of them took the lead and asked me if I didn't knew that the moon is waning. Then they all discussed that that the onions would go into flowers instead of forming proper bulbs and that I couldn't store them for long if I planted them at the waning moon.
I felt ashamed, I've read about the scientific experiments and the validity of the influence of the moon on plant growth, and here were these women who haven't heard about any of those experiments but knowing it inside out and practising it - on the contrary to me, who just likes to read and talk about these things!...

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