Monday, 28 April 2008

Immigrant livelihood strategy example

On a marginal farm along the Mondego river I met a couple from England. The man was born in Chelmsford and lived in Maldon for a while; finally I got to know some locals from Essex - where I least expected them.

How do they secure their livelihood?
1. They have a piece of land where they grow some vegetables for the home;
2. They help their neighbours out working as day labourers;
3. They hand-build yurts;
4. The woman works in a Swiss Alp during the summer months, taking care of the cows and making cheese!
I was very impressed with this diverse, risky, complex strategy and with the mix of countries where they live and work. Walking in the Alps, I had never expected to meet there, in the traditional huts, foreigners herding the cows. What might grown-up Heidi be doing now?

One of the yurts they made for Luzku-Fuzku; after sleeping there some nights I started to wonder why people prefer to live in cement houses.

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