Monday, 23 July 2007

Shopping in Vila Soeiro

Friday afternoon this little truck comes to Vila Soeiro to sell all sorts of things that people need, as there is no shop in the village. The people come out of the little granite houses and from all little village streets to the place where the sale takes place. Prices are discussed and converted to escudos ("Quanto é isto na moeda antiga?") and the salesman says "One cent more, one cent less, why don't you buy my stuff? It's so convenient." And so the ladies take radioactive juice (at least it looks radioactive) for 1,50€ when it is 0.80€ in the shop in the town. Even though the truck comes only once a week the women buy almost nothing, they produce all food they need themselves. Yes, and this picture is representative of the local population: mainly elderly women with hurt knees from climbing up and down the steep village streets all life long.

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