Tuesday, 10 July 2007

On the market of Góis

Góis is a village in a quite steep valley. The river Ceira flows through the village and at it's margins Alnus glutionsa trees grow, providing a fresh shadow and water clean enough to see the fishes. Above the village you can see the Penedos de Góis, the steep quartz mountain top.

On Tuesday it is market day. I asked people for the "mercado" and they wondered a lot, because they call it "feira"... There were basically no farmers selling on the market and I started to ask some people hanging around and looking very much like someone who has at least a kitchen garden. The people showed great mistrust, they didn't look at me but to the floor and said they were not from the county.

One women said very loudly, almost shouting "I can't read! I cant't read!". I said, this doesn't matter, she can still tell me what she thinks about farming. She replied "It's a problem. No one wants to farm anymore." I asked "Why?". She replied, shouting still: "Porque não!" (Because no!). I didn't manage to get any more information out of that lady.

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