Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Yesterday I spoke to a woman from the Serra da Lousã mountain area. When I asked her from what people live, if they don't sell their farm produce her eyes became very bleak and she said without looking at me "It's difficult around here". I'm sure closeby, maybe the neighbours, are living from air mainly plus subsistence farming. How can this be there, so near and so unseen? I feel in fact guilty when I think of the many breakfasts taken in the coffe shop. (Beside all other reasons) It is a matter of solidarity not to live a wasteful lifestyle.
Yesterday then, I asked the woman if people don't keep goats, as this is the famous area of the Chanfana dish. Her eyes changed again, now revealing joy and pride. Not many people keep goats anymore... but they still make an excellent Chanfana with bought meat. I pretended to be a fan of fact I'm vegetarian. The other day I also applauded to a peasant who told me to have killed 15 chicken recently!... Haha - is this already the scientific objectivity and detachment?
Well, Chanfana is a dish traditionally made of old goats soaked in red wine to make the meat softer. There are two counties wich claim the intellectual property rights for Chanfana: Miranda do Corvo and Vila Nova de Poiares. They hate each other because of this battle: "Who makes the best Chanfana?" and "Where did Chanfana originally come from?". On the entrance of Miranda do Corvo county there is a placard saying "Universal capital of Chanfana", on the entrance of Vila Nova de Poiares it says "Worldwide capital of Chanfana". There are even people speaking of the "Guerra da Chanfana" (the Chanfana war).

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