Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Aquilo é pior que eu / This is worse than me

I'm not going to resolve any question here, however I want to share my reflections about a trait frequently found among "radical ecologists"; namely, the rejection of what exists. Apparently people with difficulties of social integration are overrepresented in the ecological movement. Is it dissatisfaction with the status quo that makes people unable to integrate or is it the other way around?
There are so many opportunities of joining positive initiatives, giving a positive contribution... What is it that we miss? Is it that we are not able to deal with current circumstances or are we unwilling to do so?

Currently my brother-in-law is rejoycing in what we call the "Portuguese Journal of Misanthropy"... Each author explains to the World, and the "stupid people" what's wrong about politics, science, the internet, and so on. Each of them appears to believe to have eaten wisdom with spoons at breakfast. Unfortunately we know many of the authors personally and we discuss and wonder why they need to reject their surroundings in order to improve their self-esteem. Why they have to deny all the good things of the World to feel good.
I'm myself afraid of writing in their agressive style, to imply I'm better than they are, because I decided not to be against everything for the sake of distanced superiority and the feeling of belonging to the enlightened minority of the "radical ecologists".
Surprisingly, most of the facts worrying radical ecologists are recognized widely, maybe only the context of analysis differs. I wonder whether ecological communities are an adequate unit of analysis for my research, whether their existence is more interesting from a psychological point of view rather than from an ecological one. What is their role in the advancement of the understanding of society? Probably there are two types of eco-communities: the ones where misanthrops are gathered together, fleeing from society, and the ones where positive contributions are developed.
I already feel The Scream dissolving. What should I do, Zareen?

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Tara said...

A question:
Is the scream dissolving or is your voice dissolving?
I don't believe for a second that The Scream has to be loud.
It can be a whisper of truth that you say hesitantly. But if it's the truth spoken in your own voice, it can be as soft as a leaf falling in the forest, but still as loud as a thunderstorm.
Fight to get back your scream, by all means, but if it's gone, at least keep your voice.