Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Why this way

There are a multitude of paths to “fight” environmental degradation and social injustice. The feeling of powerlessness created by my superficial involvement in political activism and the realization of a space of manoeuvre for citizens to create more sustainable lifestyles (despite of existing policies) that can be used simultaneously as a tool for empowerment through action, made me opt for a more inspirational path of action than hitting with the head against the wall of wested economic-political interests that I am not equipped to significantly contribute to dismantle.

Economic incentives and regulatory policies can change certain practices but are unlikely to change attitudes, therefore bad practices are back as soon as the incentives against them stop.

The way how we construct understanding/realization, (Erkentniss) might be key to define new paths of ecological-social interaction. Scientific understanding abstracts knowledge from personal experience, as understanding has become mainly attributed to the intellect. Now, a respectful interaction with people and nature cannot stand alone on a rational, intellectual basis, but requires a whole person involvement. That is why reductionist scientific understanding can not be the sole way, if it is a way at all, to promote lifestyle changes to shift to a more sustainable path.

"E mais ou menos por ai" diria o Claudio.

P.S. - On the space for maenouvre...

Gato fedorento illustrate the limits of the space of manouevre for citizens action:
"XY is forbidden."
"Can I do XY?"
"What happens if I do XY?"
"But it is fobridden, right?"
"Yes, it is forbidden".

We should not complain too much about this lack of enforcement, as long as it does not result in killings, harassments and livelihood insecurity, but rather be happy that the state does not manage to control all areas of our lives, even if it sometimes seems to wish to do so (the "state" doesn't even have an interest in it, as long as we are quiet and consume enough).

Nevertheless, civil disobidience for the sake of not bowing to the state alone is not adequate either! Remember the organic farmer I hate most: for the sake of doing civil disobidience he promotes invasive species!!! Just because it is forbidden to plant them he offers seedlings to all gardeners he knows (because he doesn't understand the real ecological impact they can have). The gardeners don't even know what plants they are and care for them lovingly...

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