Monday, 31 March 2008

Never drink water

This picture was taken in a tasco / tabern in Gouveia.

I've been told before that the sewage treatment plant in Gouveia doesn't opperate properly and so faecal matter was found at the bottom of the drinking water reservoir. The man who told me this said he went to complain to the local public health delegate (delegado de saúde pública) that the tapwater was smelly. The public heath delegate said "There you are again complaining! You're just this sort of person and I'm not going to follow up your complaint". Then the man asked an acquaintant who is public health delegate in another county to come for coffe in his village and ask for a cup of tapwater as well. He did and found it to be smelly as well, and only then the case was followed up. Now it is known what is happening - the sewage treatment plant is not working properly and untreated sewage flows into the river. Full stop.
If you are in Gouveia - rather drink wine - as the picture suggests!

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