Monday, 17 March 2008

Covas do Monte

This village couldn't have a better name: Caves of the mountain, could it?
It's located at the Serra de S. Macário in central Portugal, in the county of S. Pedro do Sul. It's quite hard to reach the village, there's a road but it's quite steep and it takes almost 40 minutes from the town of S. Pedro do Sul. It is estimated that 60 people live in the village and 2000 goat. The village has a communitarian herd, i.e. the goat from all households form the village herd, and every day another person has to climb the mountains with the herd to find pasture...

A very interesting rural development project called "Criar Raízes" is ongoing in this village. They are trying to introduce some new things in the village and to help to create a new vision of what the village could become to create a brighter future.

Here is a blog with more pictures from the village and ongoing activities related to farming:

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