Thursday, 20 March 2008

Stretches around Idanha and Pinhal Interior

I'm sure John Constable wouldn't mind painting this landscape close to Idanha-a-Nova... :)
In this area cheese made of sheep milk and olive oil are the main agricultural products.
I did a little trip around the Pinhal Interior to gain an impression of whether agriculture is as marginalized as the statistics indicate. It's worse than I imagined from the secondary data. In the Pinhal region only forestry exists: Pine tree plantations, Eucalypt plantations, scrublands and burned hills. The scrublands look quite pretty as the pink heather and several types of yellow flowering legumes (tojo, giesta and carqueija are the local names) are in full bloom. In the granitic lowlands the white flowering Cytisus is incredibly abundant.

And this is how the Pinhal Interior region looks like. From Coimbra over Castelo Branco to Guarda: tree monocultures in different stages of development or damaged by woodfires, scrublands and rocks. Yes, and northwards, it doesn't count as Pinhal Interior, but the region around Viseu isn't much different either.

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