Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Transmission of farms

A study carried out by Thomas Frieder of the FB 11 at the University of Kassel about the tramsission of farm enterprises outside the family / not to heirs, presents interesting findings:
- The will of transmission should not be made dependable of the successors to be found;
- What is to be achieved should be clear from the outset;
- Succesful transmission results when clear contracts are designed and clear separations are established;
- Trusting in good will and common sense does not work.

And a sentence I 100% agree with and I think cannot be repeated often enough and not be whispered often enough into the ears of Jaime Silva and Mariann Fischer Boel and colleagues:
"Fuer die Agrarpolitik sind die Hemnisse am einfachsten zu beseitigen die sie selbst errichtet hat", i.e. for Agricultural policy, the best way to deal with the problems, is to remove the constraints it itself created.

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