Thursday, 23 August 2007

Der Golem

Free download of the book "Der Golem" (in German) from Gustav Meyrink:
Very worth reading...
I identlify myself with Charousek :) (The poor student without clothes under his jacket, whose only aim in life is to drive his father into suicide, yes.)

The Golem is a figure of a myth from Prague: a human-like creature made by a magic and that became alive through a number that was stuck behind his teeth.
"The moonlight falls at the footend of my bed and lies there like a big, light, flat stone." Dream and reality, myth and history are interwoven in images that leave deep impressions in the readers mind.
"Das Kapitel hiess 'Ibur', 'die Seelenschwaengerung'."

Do I belive the Golem exists?
Do I belive the Agro-Vampire exists?
Yes. Because I saw him. And he was wearing white socks.

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Agnes said...

The Agro-Vampire really exists and is still alive!