Friday, 25 July 2008

It's getting exciting

I'm juggling around with some data I collected during fieldwork and trying to write a piece about my results. Of course there are a lot of little problems with the data and I have to make narrower and more humble conclusions than I would like to, but still: it's looking interesting and I know now what other data I need to collect to test a couple of emerging hypotheses.

At the same time I have to decide on the next fieldwork and there is A LOT I have to find out first to make my plans. But from the initial abstract "I want to know EVERYTHING!" I'm getting into a more concrete approach.

My summary was accepted for the Iberic Conference on Rural Studies - it's not Hollywood but it's okay :) Of course there is this big black cloud of doubt telling me: "But hey, this will not suffice to get you a PhD!", but hm: I might be on the right track. I hope writing this is not an act of hubris. ;)

P.S. - What I'm doing now goes under the title "Foodshed analysis", after all there's some sort of theory and frame that serves me (sometimes). :)

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