Monday, 28 July 2008

Economic growth in Portugal

"In 2006, the Economy has grown at different rates in the Portuguese regions

The preliminary regional accounts of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2006 year, has shown increase growth rates, in real terms, above the national average (1,4%) in the regions of Centro (1,6%), Norte (1,7%), Algarve (2,5%), Autonomous Region of Madeira (2,8%) and Autonomous Region of Azores (3,3%); the region of Lisbon performed the lower growth (0,6%), among NUTS II regions. The analyses upon the new series (1995 – 2006) of the Regional Accounts (2000 benchmark year) shows clearly the reinforcement of the service activities in the output structure of the regions, and a slight increase in the regional disparities along the observed period."

INE report, 2008

i.e. regional disparities were already enormous and got even bigger.
The gap opening wide -
the greedy mouth
of economic growth.
Tendencies to be continued
bis der Tod uns scheidet. (until death us separates)

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