Friday, 28 September 2007


One of these nights I had my first PhD nightmare, worth of being recorded. Basically, the way to my office was not normal steps, but a very steep ladder at which I had to climb, pushing and pulling myself up with my weak, pudding-like arms. When I was almost on the top, I felt my powers wanishing and I fell down the ladder...
But, the steps where close to a road, in the open, rather than in a building. And it happened that I fell into the back part of a pick-up driving by. I was very lucky not to fall on the street, for I would have broken my neck. However, the pick-up was transporting dry codfish and I remember thinking "Why do I, a vegetarian, have to land in the middle of dry codfish?"

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Zareen said...

My first PhD nightmare:
I am working late and the department is all black. I get the distinct feeling that there is something evil waiting for me downstairs in the corridor. I walk down, am on the phone to my boyfriend, saying I am on my way home. In the shadows I see a person sitting with his back to the wall, waiting for me. I recognize instantly that this is the object of my recent premonition and turn around and run. I get to the staircase and there he is again. Silent, with no expression on his face. I turn back to the corrridor. There he is again. And so on, until morning, so that I have neither gone home, nor back to my office. The first rays of the sun, and he vanishes. Exhausted, I realize it's the morning and automatically trudge back upstairs to resume work.

Lovely feeling, being trapped on Level 3.