Thursday, 28 June 2007

Mercado de Miranda

The market of Miranda do Corvo is not famous, but still a place where people like to go, and they come from quite far, even from bigger towns, to shop. There is a hall where fresh produce is sold, and outside the hall all sorts of stuff is sold: shoes and plastic vessels, gold and cheap cloth. The market is every Wednesday morning and the little town bursts of activity. Currently Tilia cordata is flowering on the street margins and the fragrance fills every corner. As I lived almost one year in this town I went many times to this market and have many acquaintances there.

In the market hall there are mainly small farmers who sell their seasonal overproduction. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables abound and "Tesco value" vegetables appear as grey, old, lousy, almost unrelated, carbon sources.

Here I want to present you my favourite farmer...

And the worst...

Yes, the worst farmer. Of course, most farmer's want to make the most of their work, and as prices are so low, several have some less honest strategies to sell more or get more money out of few clients. "The worst" farmer says her stuff is cheap but keeps a part of the change for herself. And it's not that she wouldn't be able to do the maths to give the right change. My "favourite" farmer gives a huge price to her produce and then she feels guilty and offers 2 cabbages if you in fact take her price.

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