Sunday, 2 November 2008

References as proof?

My lovely friend told me she doesn't like the writings of a certain author because it seems they all stream out of his imagination, as he uses no references or anything standard used in academic writing. I have to say: "you have to find out for yourself if what he says is valid or not". Unlike in academic writing where you are supposed to believe, not to question, when for a statement a reference is used. That's authoritative truth: "Don't doubt! It's proven!" (however, what methods and biases they used to prove it usually remains unknown).

With more than 200 scientific references read word by word and stored in my "Reference manager" I reached a point where I'm delighted when it is assumed as obvious that I will think for myself and not take in anything just because someone stated it before (which I refuse to do anyways).

"Der freien Wahrheit nur zu Leben,
Frieden mit der Satzung,
Die Meinung und Empfindung regelt, nie, nie einzugehen!"

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