Sunday, 3 June 2007

Aid and corruption

I'm very proud of my sister who lives in Maputo/Moçambique. She adapted so quickly and finds her way around! She even got it quickly how to deal with bribery and corruption.
According to her, everything is possible there, if you only ask the right question in the right moment. The right question is "How can we solve this problem?"
The answer is invariably "1 million Meticais".

On the 25th of May the Ministry of Agriculture in Maputo burned down. Why?
International agencies were unhappy with the disproportional relation between aid money and (no) results in the development of agriculture. As a consequence, the financial section with all the documents burned. What a pitty!...Now there's no proof anymore how well spent the money was...

(The official news in Portugueseçambique)

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